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96  results


The Radish - Raphanus sativus – from the Brassicaceae family - formerly known as the Cruciferous family - is a quick and easy root vegetable to grow. There are three main categories of radishes: the Red radish (month-long radishes), which are generally small and pink like the pink Easter radish; the Radish-raves (black radishes), which are larger and black; and the Daïkons, Japanese radishes that are completely white. They can be enjoyed raw with salt or cooked, similar to turnips. Radishes contain vitamin C, sulfur - which gives them their pungent flavour - phosphorus, and magnesium. They are known for their anti-scurvy and diuretic properties, making them a true source of trace elements on their own. They are recommended for people with liver and gallbladder issues.

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