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English Moschata Roses

30 results

30  results


The Moschata Hybrid English Roses are the result of cross-breeding between Old English Roses and Noisette Roses. Imparted with a delicacy inherited from the Noisette Roses, but at the same time perfectly hardy, these bush roses stand out with less abundant flowering and growth compared to their parent plants, which adds to their charm. Their modest-sized rosettes display very soft tones of white (barely tinged with flesh in 'Tranquillity'), fresh pink in 'Scepter'd Isle', flesh pink, tender yellow, or even apricot and peach. They emit a variable fragrance with distinct musky accents, as well as sweet, floral, or even fruity notes depending on the varieties. These perpetual flowering bush roses, reaching a height of 1 to 1.25 metres (3 to 4 feet), have a rather upright habit that is perfect for the foreground or center of flower beds, whether they are of a natural or more formal inspiration.

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