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Lemongrass, an aromatic, culinary and medicinal plant, is often known as Cymbopogon citratus, called lemon grass from Madagascar, Java, Gabon, but also Indian Verbena. This perennial and frost-sensitive grass is cultivated in a pot to be sheltered from frost. Reaching a height of 1 m (3ft), its evergreen and tough foliage releases surprising aromas...of lemon, very persistent, hated by mosquitoes. Other lemon grasses, however, are also found in the vegetable garden, as well as in the ornamental garden. Who doesn't know Melissa officinalis, the Lemon Balm a true all-terrain and all-climate plant, self-seeding like a weed? Mediterranean gardeners and herbal tea enthusiasts also appreciate Lemon Verbena ,Aloysia triphylla, this not very hardy bush for dry soil whose extremely aromatic leaves are consumed in digestive infusions. Plant lemongrass on the balcony, in flower beds, always within reach to enjoy their divinely scented foliage!

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