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Japanese Peonies

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16  results


All our Japanese Peonies:

Just like Chinese peonies, the so-called Japanese-shaped peonies are derived, among others, from Paeonia lactiflora. These are perennial herbaceous plants with fleshy roots, whose above-ground parts completely disappear during winter. In these types of peony, the flower, often bicolour, is composed of a corolla of petals surrounding a double heart of stamens transformed into small petals. Both graceful and delicate, both in terms of their flowers and foliage, the Japanese varieties are also robust and hardy perennials that require some time to establish themselves but become more beautiful over the years.

The stems of the herbaceous peony emerge from the ground in spring, often tinged with red. The leaves are divided into nine leaflets of variable shape depending on the species and varieties. The flowers are sometimes fragrant, they brighten up the garden and look wonderful in bouquets. Their colours range from white to almost purple, including yellow and the whole range of pinks and reds, the choice is vast! Find all our Japanese-shaped peonies on these pages.


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