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Shrubs for flower arrangements

687 results

687  results


Our range of shrubs for flower arrangements. Flowering or foliage bushes, perfect for enhancing your homemade floral compositions. Llilac (Syringa vulgaris) and its fragrant clusters are essential, ideal for creating opulent bouquets that fill the house with scent. As is the Rose, the queen of flowers, especially the varieties of bush roses with large flowers. As for foliage, Eucalyptus, particularly Eucalyptus gunnii, is acclaimed for its aromatic blue foliage that brings a contemporary touch to bouquets. Hydrangea, with its ball-shaped or paniculate inflorescences, is a must-have for summer bouquets, fresh or dried. Among the most popular varieties, Hydrangea macrophylla comes in a multitude of colours, from blue to pink, white and red. The budding branches of the forsythias will open in the house as early as February, just like those of Japanese Quince (Chaenomeles) which comes in red, pink or white. Don't forget Buddleia davidii, also known as the Butterfly Bush, and its fragrant panicles, ranging from white to purple. Exotic flower lovers will pick the astonishing bird-shaped flowers of Strelitzia reginae. Discover them in this selection.


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