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Delosperma blancs

2 results

2  results


Our white Delosperma: Delosperma 'Wheels of Wonder White' is an emblematic variety among white-flowered Delospermas, this small fleshy plant called "perennial purslane" is appreciated for its long and bright spring to summer flowering. Quite similar, the 'White Nugget' Delosperma is characterized by its pure white flowers, contrasting with its green foliage. Also mention Delosperma cooperi 'Alba', the white form of Cooper's ice plant, a good ground cover. In the same vein, Delosperma 'White Crystal', known for its small star-shaped white flowers, creates a unique luminous effect in flower borders or rockeries. Another remarkable species, Delosperma nubigenum, stands out for its fleshy foliage and its bright white flowers. It is highly appreciated in gravel gardens or containers. Discover all our white varieties in this selection.

These white-flowered Delospermas require well-drained soil and a sunny exposure. They are drought-resistant once established, but appreciate moderate watering during the growth and flowering periods, especially in containers.

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