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Medium-sized water lilies

53 results

53  results


Medium-sized water lilies are varieties of Nymphaea with moderate growth (spreading from 1 to 1.20 m in diameter) that thrive under 30 to 60 cm of water. These water lilies, like 'Albatros', 'Chromatella' or 'Hollandia', are perfectly suited for medium-sized ponds and water features. Their flowers offer a wide range of shapes and colours, ranging from pure white to very dark red, as well as pink ('Venusta'), yellow, salmon ('Colorado') or coppery. Some varieties, like 'Odorata Suavissima', are beautiful and fragrant.

Medium-sized water lilies are best planted in spring, in a sunny location. Their rootstock should be planted in muddy, clayey and heavy soil making sure that the terminal bud remains upwards. The whole should be under 30 to 60 cm of water.


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