Vernonia - Bitterleaf

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Vernonias, an extremely diverse genus, encompass around a thousand species of annuals, perennials, bushes, and small trees, native to warm regions around the world. They belong to the Asteraceae family. In the garden, one can plant hardy perennials like Vernonia noveboracensis, which is very tall and has deep purple flowers, or Vernonia lindheimeri, a Texan variety that is more sensitive to cold. Plant enthusiasts will appreciate Vernonia gigantea, with its violet autumnal flowering, which pairs well with asters. These plants all have flowers grouped in head-shaped clusters, carried in terminal corymbs, ranging in shades of red, violet, and blue, and occasionally white. These species thrive near bodies of water, whether still or flowing, and happily integrate into natural or wild gardens. Despite being relatively unknown, perennial Vernonias are not demanding and can adapt to almost any type of soil, as long as it is moist.

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