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Red Clematis

19 results

19  results


Our Clematis with red flowers. The beauty of Clematis 'Red Cardinal', a beautiful climbing plant that blooms in a deep and velvety dark red, 'Rebecca' or 'Ville de Lyon', the clematis presented here offer flowers in different shades of red, from the brightest to the darkest, including magenta and fuchsia. The large-flowered varieties of the Patens group such as 'Barbara Harrington' bloom twice in the season, in spring and towards the end of summer. While Viticella clematis such as 'Rubra' (Kermesina) produce flowers throughout the summer, in successive waves. Depending on the variety, their flowers can be small or measure over 10cm (4in), single or even double like 'Red Star', for example. One of the most original clematis with red flowers is certainly Clematis texensis 'Gravetye Beauty', whose late flowering takes the form of cherry red tulips with a rosy base that open fully into stars.

Clematis represent a genus rich in diversity, with varieties available in all colours, shapes, and sizes. Take advantage of their ease of cultivation to bring a romantic and bohemian touch to your garden or terrace. 

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