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Pink Coreopsis

4 results

4  results

A selection of pink Coreopsis that will delight fans of perennial plants with generous flowering. Among the best varieties is Coreopsis roseus 'American Dream'. Its fine green leaves form a beautiful setting for its deep pink flowers, and it is an easy-to-maintain variety. The Coreopsis 'Heaven's Gate' forms a small bushy clump of 30 cm (12in) and offers flowers with shades of pink and ruby around a small golden heart, in summer and autumn. The Coreopsis rosea 'Nana', also of small size, has candy pink to pale pink flowers around a buttery yellow heart. With their compact habit, clear silhouette, and love for the sun, these Coreopsis excel in rockeries and well-exposed borders, but also in flowering pots on balconies or terraces. Not only do these varieties brighten up the garden, but they also attract butterflies, adding an ecological dimension to their presence. Discover them in this selection. These pink Coreopsis plants like a sunny exposure and well-drained soil. Hardy and tolerant, these perennials prefer slightly acidic to neutral soil.     

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