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5  results


Hakonechloa is a genus that has only one species but numerous cultivars. This superb grass, native to Japan, is also called Japanese grass or grass of Japan. It grows on the edge of woodlands on semi-shaded, cool and humus-rich slopes. Its leaves are arched and linear, forming a succession of waves. Its deciduous leaves can be green, golden, striated with gold or white, depending on the variety. In autumn, they turn golden, brown or orange, again depending on the variety. Hakonechloa is a small plant, measuring between 30 and 40cm (12 and 16in) in height. It is easy to grow and its stump grows slowly. In the garden, it can be planted in a cool setting, as a border or in the foreground of a flowerbed, alongside hostas, ferns, or Heucheras.

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