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Hardy Geranium for pots

18 results

18  results


Perennial Geraniums, not to be confused with Pelargoniums, also know how to offer a long and often very generous flowering, but they are hardy and come back faithfully every year. They can also be grown in pots, bringing all the charm of the countryside to city balconies. It is advisable to choose among the hundreds of varieties those that, with their bushy, compact or trailing habit, the colour of their foliage and the duration of their flowering, will be most suitable. We have selected those that seem to us the most interesting and the easiest to grow in containers, like Geranium 'Rozanne' or 'Rise and Shine', both bushy and remarkably floriferous. To succeed in growing your perennial geraniums in pots, prepare a mixture of leaf soil and garden soil, to which you will add coarse sand to lighten the whole and ensure good drainage. As with all plants grown in pots, water regularly and every two weeks, apply a flowering plant fertilizer diluted in the watering water.

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