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Dwarf water lilies

9 results

9  results


Our range of Dwarf Water Lilies are aquatic treasures to enhance mini terrace ponds and small water gardens. Like 'Pygmaea Helvola' with its luminescent yellow or 'Pygmaea Alba', these varieties are as floriferous as classic Nymphaea, but their flowers and leaves are smaller. They take up little space and bloom from June to September. 'Pygmaea Rubra' Water Lily adds a touch of vibrant colour to your pond with its carmine red flowers. While Nymphaea tetragona, or Dwarf White Water Lily, is sought-after for its small, pure and delicate white flowers. This plant is ideal for small ponds and offers abundant and prolonged flowering from May to October. Let's not forget the 'Froebelii' Water Lily which stands out with dark wine-red flowers, orange stamens, and a pleasant fragrance. And also the 'Pygmaea Aurea' Water Lily with its golden yellow flowers is fast-growing and ideal for small ponds.

The Dwarf Water Lilies presented here are hardy and easy to grow. They thrive best in full sun and appreciate still water. Plant their rhizome under 20 to 40 cm of water in a suitable basket filled with aquatic compost.

Discover the dwarf water lilies in these pages and let yourself be charmed by their beauty and elegance.


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