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Helleborus picotee

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29  results

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Picotée Hellebores, like the 'Ice'n'Roses Picotee', 'Anemone Picotee' or 'Double Picotee', stand out with their petals delicately fringed in contrasting colours, creating a remarkable visual effect. The term "picotee" refers to the edges of the petals in a different colour, often darker than the flower's base colour. This makes each "picotee" flower unique, with varied patterns and subtle shades. 'Double Picotee' offers sophisticated double flowers with precise and elegant markings, the Ice'n'Roses Picotee Hellebore offers a striking contrast between white petals and pink edges, the Oriental Hellebore 'Anemone Picotee' captivates with the delicate appearance of its anemone-like flowers in shades of mauve. Other well-known varieties include 'Pink Frost' and 'Ivory Prince', prized for their beauty.

These "Picotee" varieties transform the garden during winter. They prefer shaded or semi-shaded locations and well-drained soil. Simple maintenance, such as removing damaged leaves, promotes abundant flowering. These robust and easy-to-grow perennials are great for all gardeners, even beginners.

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