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Dwarf Holly

12 results

12  results


A selection of Dwarf Holly (Ilex), small bushes less than 1 m (3ft) tall, well suited for small gardens and container or pot cultivation. Depending on the varieties, they have evergreen foliage, like the Ilex meservae 'Little Rascal', which sometimes turns red in winter. The crenate dwarf Holly, Ilex crenata 'Golden Gem', stands out with its bright golden foliage. There are also a few rare deciduous cultivars of dwarf holly, such as the 'Berry Poppins' Ilex verticillata, sought after for its abundant decorative fruiting. These naturally compact-growing bushes do not require pruning and take up little space.

Dwarf holly can advantageously replace boxwood in low hedges. It can be planted in large borders or mixed with similarly sized bushes to create the persistent structure of the garden. Hardy well beyond -15°C (5°F), this bush likes partially shaded to sunny locations. You will definitely find a variety suitable for your garden in our wide range of hollies.

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