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Fruit-bearing climbers

62 results

62  results


When considering fruit trees to plant in the garden, we often imagine a beautiful tree, such as an apple or pear tree, or small fruits like currants or raspberries. But we forget that many climbing plants and vines can also provide us with delicious fruits on a much smaller ground area, making them ideal for small gardens. These plants generally only require good support to cling to, such as a tree, trellis, or pergola...  The grapevine is one of them, cultivated since ancient times, it generously offers us refreshing grape clusters at the end of summer, but it is also stunning in autumn when its foliage turns crimson. Don't forget actinidia, this kiwi vine, with its vitamin C-rich fruits, grows very well in most climates as long as you give it enough space. Other more exotic or lesser-known climbing fruit trees, such as Schisandra or the Passion Fruit (not very hardy but can be grown in a pot), can give you delicious and unique fruits on a particularly aesthetic climbing plant. 


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