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Pink Digitalis

10 results

10  results


Our range of Digitalis with pink flowers. Digitalis purpurea has produced several selections with pink flowers, including the 'Dalmatian' series with the 'Dalmatian Pink'. The variety 'Candy Mountain' is remarkable for its upward-facing pink flowers. With Digitalis purpurea subsp. nevadensis, you will find the authenticity of a botanical species with robust, deep pink flowers. The variety 'Camelot Rose' seduces with its deep shades of pink flowers, abundant from the first year. Digitalis Mertonensis 'Summer King' charms with its majestic inflorescences of large raspberry pink bells finely marked with garnet at the throat. Flower enthusiasts will appreciate the 'Monstrosa' variety which produces a single huge, widely opened, fringed flower at the end of its floral stem, speckled with purple on a white background, sometimes completely white. Discover all our varieties of pink digitalis.

Digitalis are biennial or perennial plants that thrive in rich, moist, well-drained soil, in light shade or dappled sunlight.


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