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Single Peonies

19 results

19  results


All our single-flowered peonies:

Peony flowers can have a single flower, with one or two rows of petals surrounding a clearly visible stamen centre, or be semi-double, double, globular or even Japanese in form. The choice of colours is also very diverse, encompassing the entire range of reds, pinks, oranges, yellows as well as white. Whether it is a herbaceous perennial, like botanical peonies, from China or Japan, tree peony, or even a hybrid peony Itoh born from a happy marriage between these two categories, the peony is one of the favourite flowers of gardeners, after the rose. A beauty queen that will be appreciated as much in flower beds as in bouquets, with lilacs or Irises, for example. These plants are a bit slow to establish but very adaptable and long-lived, allowing you to create wonderful displays. In the garden, single-flowered peonies can combined with double-flowered varieties and with sturdy and unpretentious plants such as perennial geraniums, catmints, nigellas...


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