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5  results


The Edgeworthia chrysantha, or paper bush, is a deciduous and ramified bush that is quite original, with its highly fragrant and bright flowering appearing in late winter, on naked wood. Originating from China, this not very hardy species is the most commonly cultivated under our climates. This unique bush, also known as the gold flowered Edgeworthia, is adorned with white and golden yellow flowers in the species, but they can be orange or even red in the 'Red Robin' or 'Red Dragon' cultivars. Unjustly overlooked, the Edgeworthia has recently started to become known among plant enthusiasts. It is easier to grow in southern regions, in partial shade and in cool, acidic, and fertile soil. If you choose to grow it in a pot, you will need to bring it indoors to a veranda as soon as the first frost arrives, like orangery plants. In any case, this particularly unique and still relatively unknown bush will not go unnoticed in your garden! Pair it with rhododendrons and Japanese azaleas that appreciate the same environments: if these plants thrive in your garden or on your balcony, the same will be true for the Edgeworthia!

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