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Pink flowered Abelia

7 results

7  results


A selection of Abelias with pink flowers among the best varieties. These are semi-evergreen to evergreen or, less commonly, deciduous bushes appreciated for their long flowering period of small, sweetly scented pink bell-shaped flowers. The most well-known among them is undoubtedly the Abelia 'Edward Goucher' with refined lilac-pink flowers, an excellent medium-sized variety. Also worth mentioning is the Abelia 'Pink Pong', a highly floriferous hybrid with large flowers of a lovely violet-pink colour that bloom from May to October. The Abelia parviflora 'Bumble Bee', of modest stature, is covered in delightful bell-shaped flowers reminiscent of those of the Beauty Bush for 3 months in summer. Abelia bushes are beautiful and more or less hardy, thriving in a light, well-drained soil, even if it is chalky, in a sunny location. They tolerate wind, as well as coastal conditions. Pruning is limited to thinning out the habit after flowering and removing old wood. The more vigorous ones are used as specimens, in mixed borders or as free hedges. To have a terrace blooming in pink, choose dwarf abelias such as 'Pastel Charm'

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