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Philadelphus for pot-growing

22 results

22  results


A selection of Seringats or Philadelphus to grow in pots or containers, bush plants of small size, more compact, but also as flowering and fragrant as the large white seringats in the garden. You will enjoy their unmatched charm on the terrace or balcony. Among the naturally compact varieties, let's mention the Philadelphus polyanthus 'Mont Blanc' with an upright habit and graceful white flowers with yellow stamens, abundant and highly fragrant. Or 'Frosty Morn', a bush of 1.25m (4ft) when planted in the ground, with fully double flowers, ideal for container cultivation. Also discover the dwarf seringat 'Little White Love', bushy and compact, less than 1m (3ft) in all directions. It is also distinguished by fully double, pure white flowers, with large remarkably fragrant flowers in early summer. The seringat "Belle Étoile" is suitable for container cultivation: while it can reach 2m (7ft) when planted in the ground, it will not exceed 1.30m (4ft) in a container, especially if regularly pruned. It provides a fragrant flowering resembling strawberries in May-June, creamy white with a purple spot in the centre of the corollas.

The seringat or Poet's Jasmine is a hardy bush with a rustic charm, resistant to drought and diseases, which will adapt to any ordinary soil, it is almost fool-proof and blooms even in shade in the Mediterranean. When grown in containers, it will require regular watering in summer and will appreciate fertilizer additions.


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