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Red water lilies

18 results

18  results


Our selection of red water lilies, like Nymphaea 'Attraction', with deep red flowers, are treasures for the aquatic garden with eye-catching flowers. 'Escarboucle' dazzles with its bright red petals, creating an unforgettable visual spectacle. Those who prefer more subtle shades will appreciate 'Charles de Meurville' with its slightly scented flowers, infused with wine red on a white background. Small aquatic spaces and terrace ponds will light up thanks to 'Pygmaea Rubra', a dwarf water lily with charming little red flowers. Try the exotic 'Marliacea Rubra Punctata', a large hardy water lily with mauve red flowers punctuated with carmine that rise majestically above the water. These intensely coloured varieties, and many others, are ideal for bringing life and colour to water features. Discover them in these pages.

Water lilies thrive in the sun, in calm water. Their rootstock should be planted at a depth ranging from 20 cm for dwarf varieties to 1 m for the most vigorous ones.

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