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63  results


Often classified in the family of grasses, Carex, known as sedges, belongs to the family Cyperaceae, in other words, the family of Papyrus. Called Sedge by English speakers, this very large genus includes no less than 1200 to 1500 species, distributed throughout the globe. It can be found in all damp to wet environments, with some species adapting easily to heavy and clay soils, while others prefer light and sandy soils. From the perennial stump, triangular and evergreen leaves emerge. Rarely exceeding 1m (3ft) in height, Carex are often used as borders or in pots. Among the 'grasses', it is the genus with the greatest diversity of leaf colours: brown, orange, green, gray, glaucous, yellow, white. Whether solid or variegated, the foliage of Carex never fails to catch the eye.


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