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Bay laurel

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4  results


Our Bay Laurel range. The Laurus nobilis, commonly known as Bay Laurel, is a Mediterranean evergreen, tough and aromatic bush, used in cooking and renowned for its medicinal properties.

The noble bay has given rise to several varieties, including 'Little Ragu', more compact and ideal for small spaces and container gardening, or 'Little Laura', a very dense female variety with small leaves. These young plants offer the same charm and properties as their larger sibling. The 'Angustifolia' Bay Laurel stands out with its narrower and elongated leaves. The 'Aurea' variety with golden foliage will bring a bright and original touch to the garden.

Each of these varieties shares the hardiness and easy maintenance characteristic of the Bay Laurel. These bushes blend perfectly into all types of gardens, offering a touch of intense green and a pleasant scent. Discover them on these pages.

To cultivate the Bay Laurel, prefer a sunny to semi-shady exposure and well-drained soil. This hardy plant tolerates temperatures ranging from -10°C to -12°C and withstands summer drought well. Maintenance is limited to regular pruning to maintain a beautiful habit and promote the growth of new leaves.

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