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Buxus - Boxwood

8 results

8  results


Buxus, characteristic of French gardens, are highly appreciated for forming compact organic sculptures. They have a slow growth and can reach a height of 2m (7ft), with their evergreen, tough, rounded and glossy leaves, which are dark green on top and lighter on the underside. Their flowers are insignificant. Even though there are 70 species, the most cultivated one is undoubtedly Buxus sempervirens. They are very resistant to diseases and pollution, but are sensitive to herbicides on the edge of pathways. They can grow in any type of soil, even dry and limestone soil, in sunny or partially shaded areas. Pruning is usually carried out in February or September, often in topiary forms such as balls or spirals. Buxus can be planted as low hedges, spaced 25cm (10in) apart, or as tall hedges, spaced 80cm (32in) apart. Combine them with roses or hydrangeas.

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