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Blue Ornamental Thistles

15 results

15  results


Our collection of Blue Flower Thistles. At the top of the list is the Alpine Blue Thistle (Eryngium alpinum) which has produced beautiful varieties such as 'Blue Star' with steel blue floral bracts. This collection also includes many Echinops such as E.ritro, E. bannaticus, and E. sphaerocephalus, with stunning globular inflorescences. The sea hollies (Eryngium maritimum) and flat-leaved sea hollies (Eryngium planum) also offer superb flowers ranging from silvery blue to intense blue. Let's also mention rarer botanical species such as Erygium oliverianum, ideal for dry gardens, or the splendid variegated sea holly Eryngium variifolium. There are also many hybrid thistles that rival these examples in beauty.

Perennial thistles are undemanding, easy to grow, and incomparable for spicing up a bed. They are ornamental with their flowers of original design, very durable in beds as well as in fresh or dried bouquets. But also for their generally prickly foliage, sometimes beautifully patterned, animated with metallic reflections. 

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