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Dwarf Peonies

7 results

7  results


All our dwarf peonies:

The dwarf peonies, not exceeding 50cm (20in) in height, are herbaceous perennial plants mostly derived from low-growing hybrids and a dwarf officinal peony. They form a clump that completely disappears in winter. These miniature varieties are perfect for borders and well-suited for small spaces. They also possess the same qualities of robustness and hardiness as the garden Chinese peony of our grandmothers.

The stems of peony emerge from the soil in spring, often tinged with red. The leaves are divided into nine leaflets of variable shape depending on the species and varieties. The flowers, sometimes fragrant, can be single, semi-double, double, cup-shaped or globular. In these varieties, the size of the corollas is more modest than that observed in classic Chinese peonies. Their colour can vary from white to almost purple, passing through the entire range of pinks and reds. Here they are:


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