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Long-blooming climbers

513 results

513  results


Climbing plants with long flowering periods, such as perpetual climbing roses and bougainvilleas, bring colour to the garden or terrace for weeks. Some annual plants, such as morning glories or sweet peas, also impress with their tireless summer flowering. The trumpet-shaped flowers of brightly coloured trumpet vines,  also succeed each other throughout the summer in full sun. In mild climates, Solanum jasminoides, called false jasmine, produces clusters of small blue or white star-shaped flowers from June to October. Exotic and tender Pandorea is a lesser-known climbing plant that stands out with its large, delightful pink flowers. For consistently mild regions, Sollya heterophylla charms with its delicate blue-azure bell-shaped flowers. In Mediterranean regions, opt for cirrhosa clematis, these small climbers flower during the colder months, bringing life to the garden when most other plants are dormant. Their delicate bells provide a delightful spectacle in winter. The Cape honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis), with its flowering period from August to November, is perfect for extending the season of colours in the garden. Its clusters of tubular red-orange flowers harmonise with the autumn colour palette. Discover all these flowering climbers, and many more, in this selection.


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