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7  results


Libertia are rhizomatous perennial plants from the Iridaceae family, originally from the southern hemisphere, mainly from New Zealand, but also from Australia and the Chilean Andes. Forming solid clumps composed of evergreen grass-like foliage, they have mall white flowers with three truly graceful petals in spring or summer, depending on the species.  Among the easiest to acclimatise in many regions that are not too cold,  Libertia formosa and Libertia grandiflora are both hardy to -10/-12°C (14/10.4°F). Libertia peregrinans, on the other hand, is interesting for its lovely autumn and winter colours, but it is a bit more delicate and will perish below -8°C. These plants can be grown in full sun or partial shade, in well-drained soil, where they gradually spread and sometimes self-seed. Libertia are at their best on the edge of a pathway or, for example, on a not too arid slope with periwinkles and hellebores.

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