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Asters for rock gardens

41 results

41  results

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A selection of Asters to adorn rockeries. These are dwarf or compact Asters, notably derived from Aster alpinus, A. amellus (Aster amellus 'Sonora') or Aster dumosus (A. dumosus 'Anneke'that appreciate sunny and well-drained sites. Aster tongolensis is also a good rockery perennial. Unlike the tall autumn asters, these plants flower in spring or summer, for several weeks. Their daisy-like flowers offer a wide range of colours including white (Aster alpinus Albus), various shades of pink, blue (Aster dumosus 'Lady In Blue'), mauve and violet (Aster alpinus 'Dunkle Schöne'). Discover the diversity of rockery asters in this selection.

These asters are small, hardy, floriferous and undemanding perennials, which tolerate full sun and well-drained, occasionally dry, even alkaline soil. 


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