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Evergreen Magnolia

24 results

24  results


Our Evergreen Magnolias. With their beautiful thick and glossy leaves that persist in winter, and their large flowers that open majestically like cups, water lilies or calyces, evergreen magnolias are a stunning addition to any garden. The most well-known is Magnolia grandiflora, or large-flowered magnolia, which have produced numerous varieties of varying sizes and habits, with flowers ranging from white to pink.  While they can reach heights of up to 20 m (66ft) in the southeastern United States, there are Magnolia grandiflora varieties such as the cultivars 'Little Gem' that do not exceed 2.50 m (8ft) in height and can be grown in containers on terraces. Other evergreen magnolias include the Chinese botanical species Magnolia delavayi, with large cream to pale yellow flowers. There are also rarities for collectors such as Magnolia officinalis biloba. The hybrids of Michelia Magnolia ‘Fairy Blush’ and 'Fairy Cream' are superb shrubs with deliciously fragrant flowers, pink in the former and creamy white in the latter. Evergreen magnolias generally bloom in summer, usually from June to September. Their flowering is less abundant than that of deciduous magnolias, but gardeners can enjoy it for several months. 



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