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Our range of Daboecias is also known as Irish heather, Saint Daboec heather, or Cantabrian heather. With their natural elegance, the Daboecia Cantabria and its 'Alba' form or the Daboecia x scotia 'William Buchanan' are less well-known than other heathers despite their long summer flowering and hardiness (-15/-20 °C). The Daboetia cantabrica 'Alba', with its pure white flowers, is a marvel for adding a touch of light, while the Daboetia x scotica 'William Buchanan', remarkable for its delicate pink flowers, offers a soft and soothing aesthetic.

The Daboecia is an undershrub with evergreen foliage and a low, dense and flexible habit, ideal for wild-style gardens. Irish heathers thrive in acidic and well-drained soils, preferring a sunny to semi-shaded exposure. They can be perfectly admired on the terrace or balcony, in a planter or pot.


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