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Echinops - Globe Thistle

8 results

8  results


Echinops or blue globe thistles are perennial, biennial, or annual species belonging to the aster family, which are related to thistles. Perennial species are most commonly found in gardens. Originating from southern Europe like Echinops ritro or Echinops bannaticus, central Asia, or certain regions of tropical Africa, these plants have in common their grey-green foliage and brightly coloured round flower heads in shades of vivid blue, medium blue, grey-blue, or pure white. They look truly beautiful in large groups, accompanied by rose campions, phlox, or perpetual roses, with a very free habit and densely formed ball-shaped inflorescences. Cultivated species reach at least 70cm (28in) in height. They are generally fully hardy, tolerate heat and drought, and grow well in any well-drained soil in full sun, making them perfect for wild or weekend gardens.

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