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Mandarin trees

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4  results


Mandarin and Clementine trees, in Latin Citrus deliciosa and Citrus reticulata, are appreciated for their vitamin-rich and fragrant fruits, which are a vibrant orange colour, and are consumed in the middle of winter. You don't need to have a garden to enjoy these delicious citrus trees that grow very well in pots, in a suitable compost, which allows them to be protected from frost in winter in a conservatory or a slightly heated greenhouse, or even in an orangery. If the common mandarin (Citrus deliciosa) has been dethroned by the clementine on our tables because of its pulp full of seeds, many hybrids have emerged, all more interesting than the others: 'Satsuma', 'Keraji', 'Clemenvilla', 'Ortanique', 'Minneola', etc.

A beautiful range that allows you to enjoy this magnificent fragrant bush from foliage to fruits through flowers, and to taste its fruits from the back-to-school season until Easter! Discover our selection to grow in the ground or in pots:

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