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Leander English Roses

31 results

31  results


The English Roses of the Leander type have inherited from their leader, the Leander rose (Auslea) obtained by David Austin in 1982, a number of characteristics closer to modern roses, even if their flowers have the typical shape of old roses. These robust bushes generally show a particularly vigorous growth, from 1.25 m (4ft) to 1.75 m (6ft) in height, and an elegant and relaxed habit supported by slightly arched branches, covered with large roses scattered on the foliage with great grace. Their colours are very varied, with a beautiful palette of yellow tones (Charles Darwin, Golden Celebration), flamboyant shades (Crown Princess Margareta, Fighting Temeraire), and pretty romantic roses (Olivia Rose Austin, Spirit of Freedom). Their pronounced scent is also infinitely varied, often rich in fruity notes such as raspberry, lemon, or apple.  

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