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13  results


Calanthes are beautiful perennial orchids, includuing species such as Calanthe discolor and its hybrids, or the relatively hardy Calanthe sieboldii which tolerates tempertures between -5 and -10°C (23 and 14°F).  It is suitable for cultivation in shaded gardens. The Calanthe genus comprises about 160 species native to Asia, Africa, and Central America, as well as some hybrids particularly interesting for our gardens. These are evergreen (Calanthe bicolor, Calanthe veratrifolia) and deciduous plants, measuring 15 to 90 cm (6 to 35in) in height, which bear floral stems adorned with often fragrant flowers (Calanthe aristulifera).  These flowers are long-lasting, in shades of white, yellow, pink, brown, green, bicoloured... Calanthes appreciate a very bright aspect, but without direct sunlight, in humus-rich and well-drained soil which is neutral to acidic and constantly moist but not waterlogged. They are planted in spring, in the company of other shade plants such as hostas, Trillium, ferns, Uvularia, Sanguinaria, etc., under the cover of deciduous trees.

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