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Pink Campanula

7 results

7  results


Our Pink Bellflowers. The bell-shaped flowers of varieties such as the Hybrid Bellflower 'Ringsabell Mulberry Rose', the Korean Bellflower 'Elizabeth', or the Clustered Bellflower 'Caroline' display lovely bell-shaped flowers in various shades of pink, which blend beautifully with varieties of blue, mauve or white flowers in borders and bouquets. There are also pink varieties among the rock garden and wall bellflowers, such as the C. poscharskyana 'Lisduggan Variety'. These hardy and robust perennials adorn borders, edges and rock gardens with their pink bells. Among these perennial or biennial plants, there is a beautiful range of pink tones, ranging from pale pink to deep pink in the Spotted Bellflower 'Rubriflora'. And their size varies from ground cover of 15cm (6in) to large clumps reaching or exceeding 1m (3ft) in height. Flowering is often in summer, except for wall bellflowers which can bloom as early as spring. Some offer two waves of flowering, at the beginning and end of summer. The choice is vast, there are pink bellflowers for all uses and all types of soil!


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