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Scirpus, commonly known as bulrushes, are herbaceous plants of the family of cyperaceae that resemble grasses, just like the Carex. They are aquatic plants that are naturally found on riverbanks or partially submerged areas. The most common species in Europe, among the fifty or so in the genus, is Scirpus cernuus, the drooping bulrush, a semi-hardy and highly decorative species that remains evergreen in winter. It is characterised by its small size and trailing habit, which gives it an extremely delicate appearance.

Bulrushes are appreciated for their ability to oxygenate and filter water in ponds and other bodies of water. Grow Scirpus along the water's edge in full sun or in partially submerged pots. The drooping bulrush has a trailing root system that allows it to spread quite rapidly. In a water garden, the bulrush pairs well with horsetails, papyrus, and Colocasia in mild climates. It is also a beautiful plant for a conservatory, where it can be grown in a water-soaked substrate.

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