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Colourful foliage hedges

192 results

192  results


The variegated foliage hedge showcases the diversity and beauty of foliage. Play with the colours of Photinias, elderberries, Physocarpus, dogwoods, and many others to create your hedge! These bushes, vividly coloured in red, pink, yellow, gold, grey, almost black, or variegated foliage, sometimes magnificent in autumn, rival the beauty of the most beautiful flowering plants. Beyond its utilitarian role in defining the garden and hiding from view, the colourful foliage hedge is one of the happiest and liveliest there is. It can be untrimmed or pruned, and it can be interesting to mix evergreen and deciduous bushes to avoid a too barren appearance in winter. Our selection includes species and varieties ranging from 1m (3ft) to over 4m (13ft) in height, for creating low, medium, or tall hedges. Discover them in these pages.

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