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White water lilies

21 results

21  results


White water lilies. These water lilies illuminate ponds with their white blooms. Among the most desirable is Nymphaea 'Odorata Alba', the fragrant nymph with white flowers that exude an almond scent. Water lily 'Marliacea Albida' seduces with its vigour and abundant flowering, while the 'Gonnère' variety with large flowers filled with delicate petals of pure white with a golden yellow heart evokes the softness of the first snow. 'Virginalis'  offers large cup-shaped flowers from May onwards, pure white and slightly fragrant. Let's not forget the hybrid water lily 'Gladstoniana' which is ideal for large ponds or natural lakes. For lovers of small wonders, 'Pygmaea Alba' is a dwarf water lily with white flowers that adapts perfectly to small ponds. There are many other varieties of immaculate water lilies to discover on these pages.

Water lilies thrive in the sun, in still water. Their rootstock should be planted at a depth ranging from 20 cm for dwarf varieties to 1 m for the most vigorous ones.

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