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Summer Asters

135 results

135  results


Our summer Asters, blooming between July and September, unlike autumn asters. The dwarf dumosus Aster and its varieties 'Anneke', 'Silberblaukissen' or 'Bahamas' for example, are the quintessential summer asters. The amellus aster is also not to be outdone, known to gardeners for its excellent cultivar 'Sonora' with its countless blue-violet flowers. The x frikartii aster has also produced lovely selections such as 'Mönch' or 'Junfrau'. A little later, the ericoïdes aster blooms mainly from August. Let's mention its famous variety 'Snow flurry' with a low creeping habit, covered in a snow of flowers between August and September. Or 'Pink Cloud' with an upright habit and numerous pale pink flowers. All these perennial plants are floriferous and undemanding, they only require a sunny exposure and well-drained soil, moderately moist to dry, even limey. Discover them below.


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