Holly for borders

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14  results


selection of Holly for borders and topiaries. These are bushes of small size, with small non-prickly, glossy, evergreen leaves that can be easily pruned and are disease-free. Most of them are commonly called holly boxwoods, as they represent an excellent alternative to boxwood. In this category, you can find many varieties of crenate holly or Ilex crenata such as the selections 'Luxus', 'Green Hedge', 'Dark Green'Not exceeding 1m (3ft) in height, perfectly tolerating pruning operations, these small hollies have different shades of green, golden foliage in 'Golden Gem' or even variegated foliage. Some are naturally very compact, like the Ilex crenata 'Glory Gem' which does not exceed 70cm (28in) in height and requires no specific pruning. Growing faster than boxwood and easily shaped according to everyone's fancy, holly satisfies gardeners who appreciate contemporary style, French-style gardens, well-maintained hedges, and plant sculptures. It is perfect in a container on the terrace or balcony. It can also be planted without moderation in Zen gardens. 


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