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5  results


The Aucuba is a beautiful evergreen bush with shiny, very decorative foliage, which combines many qualities. Widely planted in parks and gardens, it is undemanding, very hardy, resistant to diseases, and tolerates urban pollution and sea spray well. The Japanese Aucuba needs no introduction, especially the Variegated Japanese Aucuba beautiful foliage splashed with yellow, and pretty red berries in winter - a variety that dresses up even dense shade with great elegance and flair. Belonging to the Cornaceae family, the aucuba is a genus native to the Far East, which has only three species, all dioecious (having separate male and female plants), with only the females bearing fruits. Growing Japanese Laurel is not difficult in ordinary deep soil, without excessive limestone and not too dry. Very accommodating, it will thrive with a little light and attention. Use it as a hedge or in the background of shaded flower beds.

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