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Perennial Fuchsia

49 results

49  results


What would our shady gardens be without fuchsias and their charming retro bells, which bloom so generously from June until the first frost? The only truly hardy fuchsias are Fuchsia magellanica, which can form real hedges if winter doesn't mow them down to the ground. Three unmissable stars: 'Ricartonii', our grandmothers' oatmeal, 'Alba', actually a pale pink, and 'Versicolor' with variegated foliage of pink and cream. They bring colour where few other flowers would thrive. Next to the hostas and Thalictrum dipterocarpum, these little bushes are truly delightful. They only require a rich soil with plenty of humus, always moist, sheltered from hot winds and afternoon sun.


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