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Hardy water lilies

90 results

90  results


Our range of hardy water lilies. The Nymphaea in this category are aquatic plants that are decorative, cold-resistant (at least down to -15°C), and essential for the ecological balance of your pond. Among the best varieties of hardy water lilies are the 'Marliacea Chromatella' water lily, renowned for its bright red flowering, the 'Attraction' water lily, known for its vibrant red to pink flowers, the 'Charles de Meurville' water lily, remarkable for its white and yellow flowers, or the 'Pygmaea Helvola' water lily, a dwarf variety with pale yellow flowers. There are varieties for ponds of all sizes, from a barrel on the terrace to a large lake.

Like other aquatic perennials, water lilies contribute to water oxygenation, provide shelter for aquatic fauna, and limit algae proliferation. Moreover, their floating foliage creates natural shade, protecting fish from predators and sun rays. Choose easy and floriferous varieties, and above all, those that are proportionate to your pond. With their spectacular and diverse flowers, water lilies will be the main attraction of your pond plantings. Most of them bloom from spring until early autumn.


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