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High hedges (over 2m/6ft 8in)

683 results

683  results


The high hedge is made up of bushes exceeding 2m (7ft) in height, forming in a few years a vegetal screen that is both dense, thick and natural-looking, which will fully play its role as a privacy screen or windbreak if one chooses evergreen species and varieties, meaning those that retain their foliage even in winter. Depending on the desires of each gardener and the style of the garden, this hedge can be either free-growing or pruned. When planting, take into account the width of each subject's growth, and plan to space the plants at a minimum distance of 1 metre (3 feet). To make your choice, don't forget to also consider the requirements of each in terms of soil and/or climate. We offer a wide range of bushes suitable for hedge planting, which will allow you to combine, if desired, deciduous and evergreen species and varieties, with flowering periods spread throughout the year, or with differently coloured foliage, to personalize your hedge.

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