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Pink Helleborus

41 results

41  results


The Pink Flowering Hellebores make an elegant addition to any garden, offering a palette of soft and attractive colours. Among the flagship varieties, 'Madame Lemonnier' Hellebore charms with its large, soft pink flowers, while the 'Walbertons Rosemary' Christmas Rose impresses with its semi-double flowers in a deeper shade of pink. The 'VIV Alessandra' hybrid brings a graceful touch with its delicate flowers and silver reflections, while the cultivar 'VIV Suzanna' stands out with its large, double, vibrant pink flowers and sturdy habit. The 'Maestro' Ballardiae Hellebore, remarkably floriferous, first seduces with its very compact habit and its generous flowering, in creamy white cups that blush with different shades of old pink over the days. Each of these varieties, and many more, will bring a unique touch to your garden, enriching the palette of colours and shapes available. 

These Hellebores integrate perfectly into borders and are perfect for pots to enhance terraces and balconies. These perennials prefer rich, well-drained soil, sheltered from strong winds and in semi-shaded positions.

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