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Spreading Dianthus

51 results

51  results


A selection of spreading pinks. The 'Brilliant' and 'Arctic Fire' varieties of Dianthus deltoides or D. gratianopolitanus 'Badenia' are among the most popular for their ability to cover the ground elegantly. The 'Brilliant' Dianthus, famous for its bright red flowers contrasting with its dark green foliage, is ideal for brightening up rockeries and borders. The 'Arctic Fire' pink, with its white petals edged in red creates a stunning visual effect in gravel gardens and small spaces. Dianthus 'Micro Chips', with its small pink and white flowers, is a floriferous, evergreen cushion that spreads out and brings life to rock gardens and path edges. In an alternative style, the 'Flashing Light' heathland pink, with its dark red almost purple flowers, stands out for its resistance and abundant flowering even in sunny and dry areas. Let's not forget Dianthus 'Albiflorus' with its calm and serene, pure white flowers, perfect for creating fresh patches in cottage-style gardens. Discover them in this selection.


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