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Plumbago - Cape Leadwort

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2  results


Our range of Plumbagos or Cape dentarias, graceful and floriferous plants for the garden or terrace. The most classic is Plumbago auriculata or Plumbago capensis, a semi-climbing shrub plant prized for its very long and abundant flowering in panicles of small flowers of a clear and pure sky blue. This species has produced several even more beautiful selections, including the variety 'Dark Blue', with a deeper blue or 'Imperial Blue', vigorous, with deep blue flowers. There are also some Cape plumbagos with white flowers, particularly the 'Alba' form.

The resistance and ability to flower abundantly from summer to autumn, even in dry soils, make plumbago a popular choice for gardeners, although it is sensitive to frost (its stump can withstand -7 °C).

The Cape Dentaria is a plant that adapts to various environments. Preferring well-drained soils and sunny exposures, it can be grown both in the ground, in regions that are not too cold, and in pots on a terrace or balcony. Discover all our varieties on these pages.

Not to be confused with the genus Ceratostigma, formerly called plumbago.

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