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Agastaches for dry soil

24 results

24  results

Our Agastaches for dry soil, more resistant to drought. Agastaches are perennials appreciated for their aromatic foliage and long flowering period attracting bees, but not all are suitable for dry soils. The best ones are botanical species such as Agastache mexicana, A. ruperstris, A. barberi, or Agastache cana, native to the mountains of Mexico or other dry regions of North America. They have produced beautiful hybrids, including the 'Kudos' varieties, which are hardy, floriferous, and understated. These dry soil species and varieties are characterised by finer foliage than Agastache rugosa and flowers in shades of yellow, orange, and reddish. They are excellent rockery or sunny border plants with colourful and long-lasting flowering, but they are not always very perennial in wet and poorly drained soils. They will pair well with Penstemon barbatus and P. pinifolius, which resemble them a little.  

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